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50% of on the creation of an e-commerce website

Up to € 15,000 premium for the creation of an e-commerce website !

50% discount on the design and the e-marketing your e-commerce site !

Improve the visibility of your e-commerce site with grants in the Walloon region !

The Walloon region provides assistance to SMEs located in the Walloon Region for the creation of an e-commerce or e-business site (link to page e-commerce/site e-commerce) (Decree of 15 June 2006). If your company meets the conditions of eligibility for the grant, when creating your e-commerce website, our web agency in Liege informs you on the paperwork to obtain this grant.


Type of e-business website accepted

The e-business website projects accepted are the following:

  • A website that allows the sale of products or services to a consumer (e-commerce site).
  • A website that allows the sale of products or services to a company.
  • A website which enables the sharing of information or computer applications, with another company (site with a secure intranet).


The bonus amount for the creation of an e-business website

The Walloon Region can support and pay 50% of spending to create an e-business website. The amount of eligible costs must reach a minimum of 5,000 euros. The amount of assistance can not be less than 2,500 euros (5,000 euros spent) and is limited to 15,000 euros (30,000 euros of expenditure).
The grant can cover the costs of hosting the site for a period exceeding one year.


Conditions to be met by the company

To receive this assistance, your company must meet all the following conditions:

  • carry your main activity in the Walloon Region;
  • be an SME, meaning:
    • to have less than 250 employees;
    • a turnover of maximum 50 million euros OR a total balance sheet of maximum 43 million euros;
    • meet the criteria of financial autonomy, that is to say, your company should not be owned in a percentage of 25 or more by one or several companies together that do not meet the two conditions above;
  • not having received the minimum aid for over 200,000 euros over a period of 3 years (100,000 euros for the transport sector);
  • do not address the following sectors: coal industry steel, shipbuilding, agriculture and fisheries-aquaculture.


Conditions to be met for the e-business website

To receive this grant, the e-business website must comply with the entire Belgian positive law and contain:
1.  a presentation of the company and its general sales conditions;
2.  the list of products and services offered for sale on the website with their prices;
3.  the possibility to communicate with the company through e-mail and an online order form with acknowledgment of receipt;
4.  a precise description of the payment system and the mode and time of delivery;
5.  a statement indicating that the website respects the legislation on protection of personal data, as well as information and consumer protection;
6.  indication of the jurisdiction in case of dispute;
7.  a way of online billing;
8.  a method of secure electronic payment, the choice is left to the enterprise;
9.  at least two different language versions: the website should not be fully translated into both languages. The presentation of the company and its activities in a foreign language is required. The list of products and services for example, must not be translated.