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Marketing on Social Media

Social media are now no longer a phenomenon but an integral part of a company's online strategy. The user is becoming more and more present and communicating towards brands like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, blogs ...

Webissimus develops your social media presence with a reflection and a strong knowledge of marketing tactics adapted to these kind of media. Together with you we define the strategy on social networks by answering these questions: how social media is beneficial for your brand?, How to reach your target on Facebook? ...


A website promoted by social networks

Today being present on the social networks means establishing a social link with your customers. Webissimus proposes you to synchronize the content of your site with your Facebook or Twitter account or to add features of sharing directly in or to the pages of your website.


Creation and animation of Facebook page & Twitter account

Creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account is an important decision that leads to the creation of a community that needs a continuous maintenance (conversation). In order to manage it, the Community Management listens to conversations of the brand or sector, takes part in discussions and provides the community with engaging and viral content. The Community Manager gives a human face to your business on social media. We practice Community Management for brands, events and companies.


Facebook Application

Besides the conversation made around your brand, a Facebook application can be a very effective way to support a special action and activate the potential of your community: word of mouth on a large scale! Designed around a viral marketing mechanism, applications aim to get members to produce Facebook interactions around the brand for free. The design will connect these actions to an initial target (gain fan, visibility, reputation, animation page, harvesting content, opt-in ...).


Facebook Advertising

On Facebook, users provide more information than on any other site. Thanks to this, you can conduct an advertising campaign on Facebook and specifically targeting internet users relevant to your message. Targets on age, sex, place, the criteria can be expanded to reach a target even more precise according to the users interests. To optimize your campaign, we take care of the textual and graphic creation of your ads and manage the launch and monitoring for optimal results.


Social Media Strategy

Furthermore, integrating social networks in its communication must be done strategically and must be accompanied by a pre-defined set of actions. This allows engage and involve users to relay on your brand image on the Internet. In fact, talking with them, listening to them, developing a level of trust and providing compelling content requires a communication expert at the center of the social media strategy.


Social networks support

The web agency Webissimus from Liege offers to orchestrate all of these practices but especially to convey the brand image. By building a humanized and personalized relationship your communities can become the best ambassadors of your organization. Webissimus has implemented a devoted and personalized support for each client in the assessment, measurement and optimization of marketing campaigns on social networks. Contact our agency to discuss your Facebook, Twitter, or your social media strategy project!