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Our company

Web expertise and reliability to help you develop your business

The web agency Webissimus, based in Liege, creates a trusting, long-term  relationships with its customers through three core values:


The proximity

Being close to the customer, it is to listen, understand their business and its needs. It is also available for questions and support throughout the project.

According to Webissimus, proximity is the key of a quality service.


The sense of responsibility

Having a sense of responsibility is to offer solutions in line with your goals as well as your financial and human resources. It is also a commitment to meet deadlines.

According to Webissimus, sense of responsibility is the key to a trusting relationship.


The requirement of continue expertise

The requirement of continue expertise is to commit to follow the technological developments and of the internet in particular. It is also a commitment to invest in the permanent formation of its teams.

According to Webissimus, the requirement of continue expertise is the key of any long-term success, for both our clients and the agency.