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Presenting my business on the internet

Gain new potential customers with a website in the top Google results !

Gain credibility by creating an attractive business website !

Save time by answering the FAQs of your customers on your website !

Creating a website for your company or your business reinforces the positioning of your company on the market through an effective communication on the internet: higher visibility, credibility and notoriety, a better reputation, an answer for the FAQs of your clients. The web agency Webissimus in Liege assists you in creating an attractive and original web design and in building your website.


Higher credibility !

Three companies provide similar services, the first one created a website, the second one has an unique page on the Yellow Pages directory and the third one can not be found on the internet. Which company will you contact first? Which company do you think is more serious? Studies show that companies that have a website are considered to be more professional, more efficient, more current.


More sales !

Increase your sales by creating a business website: your customers will find you more easily, will be better informed, will already have a certain affinity and trust for your business and will be closer to a purchase decision.


Time saving !

Your business website is a strong ally to answer most of the FAQs regarding your business. Over 60% of calls are basic inquiries: Are you open today? Until what time? Do you sell this product?
By posting on your website practical information about your company and your business, you save the time you spend on the phone to answer to simple requests.


The center of your communication !

Your website plays a key role in your online communication because ultimately, all your advertising campaigns converge on the internet. Indeed, if a potential client has retained your name via an advertisement, a radio spot, or even via word of mouth, this prospect will now encode your name in Google in order to find information about your company!


Ahead of the competition !

Which company is visible on the internet when you type your keywords in Google? What image does you company have on the internet compared to your competitors? Note that your competitors may be gaining notoriety because they have created a professional business website.


Visible 24h/24

During lunch time, in the evening or in week-ends visitors do their shopping, look for information, plan their spending, their work using the internet. Many people enjoy having time to judge the products or services of a company. By creating your website you recruit a commercial available 24h/24, 7 days/7.


Having become an inevitable passage for almost any SOHO / SME, the creation of a business website also called website showcase, participates nowadays in the effectiveness of your communication.

In fact, sales brochures allow little interactivity and details, that's way completing your communication strategy via the internet allows you to adapt your message to the evolution of the company, to offer interactive tools and to facilitate contacts.

With a business website you are permanently visible and accessible to your potential customers. Highlight your company, your skills and expertise, your team, your services and all your products.

An effective tool to develop your activity, the company website created by the web agency Webissimus from Liege is a customized solution built from a better understanding of your business and your needs.