Web agency, creating websites, seo and marketing on social networks.


SEO and websites marketing

Take care of your presence on social networks

Social media are now no longer a phenomenon but an integral part of a company's online strategy. The user is becoming more and more present and communicating towards brands like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, blogs, ... Webissimus develops your social media presence with a reflection and a strong knowledge of marketing tactics adapted to these kind of media.


Email marketing campaigns

You want to retain your customers, launch a promotional offer or announce news thanks to a powerful and cheap system? Then use a personalized e-mailing system. Webissimus creates a low-cost customized newsletter template offering responsiveness, flexibility and possibilities of performance  monitoring.


Manual SEO of websites

90% of Internet users use search engines and most consult only the results of the first page. Today, if you want a successful web entry, creating a website is not enough. The deployment of a real positioning strategy called SEO, adapted to your business, has become indispensable.


SEO by PPC (Pay per click)

Want to appear very quickly in the top results of Google? Purchasing Google AdWords keywords allows you to appear in the commercial links above and/or in a column on the right of the page.