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A website in Google ads - Pay Per Click

Want to appear very quickly in the top results of Google? Purchasing Google AdWords keywords allows you to appear in the commercial links above and/or in a column on the right of the page. To guarantee a quality campaign of commercial links, generating qualified visits and contacts, Webissimus assists you in creating, managing and tracking your Google AdWords ads.


Cost per click

Paid SEO, or in other words, buying commercial links (Google AdWords) is a tool that allows you to appear quickly in the first few results from Google. The principle is simple: cost per click. You determine for each keyword or campaign the amount of your bid and your maximum budget. Only redirected clicks to your website are charged. Your position in the sponsored results is determined by the bid amount for each keyword, and various criteria of relevance between your ads, landing pages of the ads and keywords in your campaigns. The higher your budget is, the better your position, but the quality also has many campaigns.

Trade links appear alongside the natural results, in a box located above and/or in a column on the right of the page (see bottom of page). The prices of commercial links vary with the level of competition of the keywords.


Managing a Google AdWords campaign

To be effective, a Google AdWords campaign should be designed and configured with precision. It is necessary to define a list of keywords, the maximum cost per click, geographic area, days and times of broadcast ... to reach a highly targeted audience. Indeed, for the same budget, according to the quality of ads and settings, return on investment can vary significantly.