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A product catalog on the internet for your business

Informing customers quickly, means to create a competitive advantage! Once a product is released, I can update my catalog website by myself !

I manage myself more than 500 products with my online catalog !

Producing a paper catalog has become time-consuming and expensive! With the web I can target more customers, I have lower costs and I'm green!

Creating a catalog website for your company or business has all the advantages of a business website with the opportunity to present your products or services without offering users the possibility to pay directly online: item description, presentation of their characteristics, illustration with images and creation of categories and sub-categories of products to simplify the user experience. The internet agency Webissimus in Liege assists you in the creation and design of your catalog website.


Dynamic online catalog !

A new product? A new collection? With the Administration Console of the catalog website you can easily add and edit detailed product info accompanied by visuals and many other characteristics (size, weight, color, material, price ...).


Visible catalog !

The catalog website brings you new additional contacts through the work on SEO. SEO is nowadays a compelling solution to generate traffic and a key factor in the visibility of your catalog website in the eyes of the users interested in your business. Webissimus considers the search engine optimization of your website during its design so that it can respond right after its launch to the requirements of the search engines: all the websites created by our agency (company, catalog and e-commerce) include organic SEO.


Simple catalog !

The structure of your online catalog is essential in order to facilitate and simplify the search of the visitors on your website. The architecture of your catalog website is optimized in order to guarantee users the best navigation possible. In addition, information is easily accessible to users via a search box with multiple search criteria.


The most popular products ?

Numerous reports and analyzes available in your administrator dashboard allow you to have an overview of the activity of your catalog website: report of the most popular products, report on the terms used to research and report on the reviews issued allow you to adjust your internet strategy.


Last generation online catalog !

Make your future customers benefit from the latest technology in terms of information and display on your online catalog: zoom, recently viewed or compared products, product reviews, favorite products list, send to a friend by e-mail, etc.c.


Whether you want to promote your products online, or you are considering a first step before the e-commerce website, creating a catalog website proves to be your opportunity. Ranging between the company website and e-commerce website, the catalog website is the best way to present your products to your visitors and customers at no additional cost

Genuine showcase prior to sales, this space available 24h/24, 7/7, describes a new logic from the part of users, future customers or qualified prospects: to find information on the internet before making a purchase.

Having your online catalog means to expand your range of potential customers, revitalize your product offering and work your image and reputation.